Adopt-a-social worker

Families thrive with the support of communities, and the organizations in those communities that listen to, understand, and meet their unique needs. As an Adopt-a-Social Worker Community Partner, you’ll join a committed network of localized partnerships, providing critical support to children and families in your community.

Many families in our community are struggling to meet critical basic needs. These lack of resources can have long lasting impacts that delay healing or reunification, and perpetuate risk and inequity. 

The Adopt-A-Social Worker program consists of individuals, community, faith, voluntary groups and organizations that commit to partnering with one designated County Social Worker and help meet the needs the best they can. Through these localized partnerships, we seek to provide a continuum of asset-based, community-initiated impact, where groups learn firsthand from their local social worker of what is going on in their community and are provided with an opportunity to respond.

Caring Community Connections

Through Care in Action Minnesota’s Adopt-a-Social Worker program, compassionate individuals bring people together and leverage their contributions to “adopt”, or partner, with a County Social Worker; in order to provide critical support to children and families.

Social workers see the needs on the front-line’s every day. In the era of COVID, where kids are less accessible to common mandated reporters, like teachers or regular doctor visits, Social Workers serve as our best defense against child-maltreatment. This collaboration-based, preventive model and unique opportunity to have direct impact, has been successfully adopted in multiple states. 

Groups learn firsthand from the social worker of what is going on in their community and are provided with an opportunity to respond. Those who participate find it’s a meaningful way to serve their community.

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Faith Communities Connect to Prevent Abuse

While Care in Action Minnesota is not a religious organization, our roots remain as an organization that began from a small church group looking to make a difference in their community.

Faith communities offer children and youth a place for spiritual formation and connection to a caring community. It is vital that our churches provide a safe and secure environment for all who participate in programs and activities

Churches are not immune from child abuse. In fact, the opposite may be true, as many reports indicate that sexual predators target trusting environments where children are present, we must not ignore the threat. We must take steps to prevent child abuse at church.

Importance of Church & Social Worker Collaboration

Child abuse and neglect is a pervasive problem that cannot be solved by churches, government, or social service agencies in isolation. Collaboration is the only way to ensure that children receive the swift response they deserve in times of crisis and parents receive the regular support they need to raise healthy families. 

The Churches that have partnered with Care in Action Minnesota, have said they cherish the collaborative relationships they have with their County Social Worker and strongly desire more partnerships that bolster their role in protecting children and strengthening families.

Resources for Preventing Child Sexual Abuse at Church

Safeguarding the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of young people and other vulnerable individuals may be one of the most important responsibilities of any ministry organization. Taking an honest look at our awareness, knowledge, and policies is imperative to preventing child sexual abuse in our churches.