Youth in Transition

Securing and maintaining safe and stable housing can be challenging for youth that are transitioning out, or “aging-out”, of the foster care system, as this demand to transition to adulthood is often abrupt and accompanied by few of the financial or emotional supports that other youth enjoy, leaving a staggering amount of these young people precariously housed or homeless. Youth who age out currently experience significant adversity. Due to the lack of services tailored to their needs, many emancipating foster youth are either at risk of becoming, or already homeless. In fact, within four years of aging out, over 50% will experience homelessness, and 50% will spend time in jail or prison within two years of aging out.

Care in Action Minnesota’s Youth in Transition program targets a population with a demonstrated high risk of homelessness and provides short-term financial support with locating, securing and maintaining housing. This temporary financial assistance can help youth prevent a housing crisis (e.g., avoid a late utilities or rent payment, or an eviction), de-escalate an existing crisis (e.g., get utilities turned back on or fix a safety hazard), and shorten the amount of time they spend homeless (e.g., ensure they have enough money for a security deposit).