Katherine Sims Delgado, Executive Director

Katherine joined Care in Action Minnesota in the beginning of 2020, serving as Program Coordinator. In this time she set up new mechanisms that have nearly doubled CIAM’s capacity for impact. She is equipped with a comprehensive background leading community organizing, donor engagement, events, and cross-functional teams to ensure success and achieve goals.

She received a BA in Economics and Political Science from Hamline University and has nearly a decade of non-profit experience across a broad range of community and national human service organizations. Katherine developed a strong sense of devotion for the nonprofit sector as a young beneficiary of various community services. Experiencing transient housing throughout her childhood, she became passionate about empowering homeless and foster youth, particularly those impacted by abuse.

In her early work with Habitat for Humanity, she managed volunteers to restore/build homes, while analyzing community needs and working to develop effective program delivery. During her time there, she saw more clearly the ways in which opportunities for economic mobility can vary substantially from one county to the next, and came to realize the importance of enabling intergenerational mobility at the local level. This experience also instilled in her a deep appreciation for how nonprofits and individuals can work to improve quality of life as a means for reducing inequities.

Board of Directors

Merrill Zieman, Board President

Merrill Zieman is a psychologist with forty years of experience working primarily in the Dakota County child protection program. He has extensive experience managing human service and mental health programs and organizations.

Peter Singer, Founder, Board Member

Peter Singer, MSW, LICSW, is the Founder and former Executive Director of Care in Action Minnesota. Pete has over 27 years’ experience working with trauma in a variety of settings, including schools, group homes, foster care, home-based services, outpatient therapy, law offices, and more. He currently serves as the Lead Consultant/Trainer for Advanced Trauma Consulting. He has worked extensively with families, teens, and children who have experienced trauma, including maltreatment, medical trauma, assault, violent loss, and captivity. Peter is a Licensed School Social Worker, Registered Circle of Security – Parent Educator, and Board-Approved Supervisor. He is also a member of the National Child Protection Training Center’s Speaker’s Bureau. 

Taylor Schmidt, Board Member

Taylor Schmidt is a dedicated individual driven to make a difference in the world. Based in Indiana, Taylor resides with her loving husband, Chance, and cherishes her role as a mother to five wonderful children. Passionate about service and giving back, she has dedicated a significant portion of her life to volunteering. Taylor holds a degree in English from Southern New Hampshire University. Equipped with a deep understanding of language and communication, she found her calling in nonprofit marketing. Within her professional realm, Taylor has earned a well-deserved reputation as the “queen of donations.” Her expertise and strategic approach to fundraising have helped organizations thrive and make a tangible difference in the world. With a strong sense of purpose and an innate drive to create positive change, Taylor Schmidt is an extraordinary individual. Her devotion to family, her tireless volunteer work, and her contributions to nonprofit marketing exemplify the true essence of a compassionate and influential leader.

Rev. Carl Johnson, Board Member

Rev. Carl Johnson has a personal mission to abolish food insecurity in major cities, starting with St. Paul, believing that race and economic justice are strongly interelated with food. Reverend Johnson is a pastor in the twin cities and formally appointed committee member in the City of St. Paul of Food and Nutrition. He is on the leadership team of Mission St. Paul, a gathering of local pastors that promote unity in the city. After moving to the Twin Cities in fall of 2016, he made local connections by volunteering in Dayton’s Bluff Elementary school and recruiting volunteers to serve Dayton’s Bluff Elementary and Recreation Center in various capacities. During his time there, Carl also started a community garden at no cost to the rec center for teaching neighborhood kids how to grow vegetables. Reverend Johnsons’ primary motivation was to end everyday hunger, and has held neighborhood specific block parties and seasonal events to uplift the neighborhood.

Mark Mellana, Treasurer

Mark Mellana is an investment professional with over a 30-year track record of: direct investing, asset management, corporate restructuring, and Board of Director roles in all types of energy companies and projects. He worked with General Electric for twenty-one years, providing private equity and debt investments in energy and infrastructure assets and companies. He has been recognized for building collaborative relationships with management teams, co-sponsors, and customers. Mark has served on numerous Board of Directors and in a variety of roles, including: governance, risk management, operations, and finance.